Insert Music Text dialog

The Insert Music Text dialog allows you to add music symbols, such as accidentals and note symbols, to text items and text frames.
  • You can open the Insert Music Text dialog when inputting or editing text in a text item or text frame by right-clicking and choosing Insert Music Text from the context menu.

Insert Music Text dialog

The Insert Music Text dialog comprises the following:

  1. Search field

    Allows you to search for music symbols by their SMuFL name. When you start entering text, a menu appears that shows valid music symbols containing the letters/words you enter, which you can select.

  2. Range menu

    Allows you to select which SMuFL glyph range is available in the music symbol selector. By default, Recently used is selected, which contains common accidentals and note symbols in addition to music symbols you have used in recent projects.

  3. Music symbol selector

    Contains the available music symbols in the selected range or that match your entry.

  4. Name

    Displays the SMuFL name and description, where available, of the selected music symbol.

  5. OK

    Inserts the selected music symbol at the cursor position with the Music Text character style applied to them automatically.

    You can also insert music symbols by pressing Return.