Video panel

The Video panel in Write mode allows you to access the Video Properties dialog, and to input and edit markers and timecodes. You can also define markers as important and calculate suitable tempos for them. It is located in the right zone in Write mode.

  • You can hide/show the Video panel by clicking Panels , then Video in the Notations toolbox.

    You can also hide/show the right zone by pressing Ctrl/Cmd-9.

In the Video section of the Video panel, you can click Properties to open the Video Properties dialog.

The Markers section of the Video panel contains a table of markers, divided into the following columns:


Shows the timecode of the marker. You can edit the timecode by double-clicking in the field.


Shows the text of the marker. You can edit the text by double-clicking in the field.


Stands for “important”. Allows you to define markers as important by activating their checkbox in this column.

When markers are defined as important, their entry uses a bold font in the table and they are considered when finding a suitable tempo in the Find Tempo dialog.

The action bar at the bottom of the table contains the following options:

  • Add Marker : Adds a marker at the playhead position.

  • Delete Marker : Deletes the selected marker.


    You can only delete one marker at a time.