Instrument filter overlay

The instrument filter overlay allows you to apply instrument filters to layouts and add new instrument filters. It only appears in galley view in Write mode.

  • You can hide/show the instrument filter overlay in Write mode by choosing View > Instrument Filter Overlay.

Instrument filter overlay

The instrument filter overlay contains the following options:


Activates/Deactivates the selected instrument filter. Only available when the layout contains at least one instrument filter.

Figure 1. Filter when deactivated
Figure 2. Filter when activated
Instrument filter menu

Allows you to select the instrument filter you want to apply to the current layout. Only available when Filter is activated.

Add Instrument Filter

Adds an instrument filter containing the instruments on which you have selected items. Only available when at least one item is selected in the music area.

Manage Instrument Filters

Opens the Manage Instrument Filters dialog, which allows you to add, edit, and delete instrument filters for the current layout.