Players panel

The Players panel contains all the players and groups in the project, shown in a list. It is located on the left of the window in Setup mode.

You can hide/show the Players panel in Setup mode in any of the following ways:

  • Press Ctrl/Cmd-7.

  • Click the disclosure arrow on the left edge of the main window.

  • Choose Window > Show Left Zone.

Players panel in Setup mode

The order in which players are listed in the Players panel sets the default player order used in all layouts. You can also set a custom player order in each layout independently.

In the Players panel, each player is shown as a card that contains the instruments held by that player. Each player card shows the following:

Player card with elements labelled
  1. Disclosure arrow

    Expands/Collapses the player card.

  2. Player type

    Shows the type of player from the following options:

    • Single player

    • Section player

  3. Player name

    Shows the name of the player. By default, player names contain the names of all instruments held by the player. You can also rename players manually.

  4. Add instruments icon

    Opens the instrument picker from which you can select an instrument for the player.

  5. Instrument labels

    Each instrument assigned to a player has its own instrument label. The instrument menu in each instrument label opens a menu with further options that allow you to, for example, change the instrument names or move the instrument to another player.

    Instrument labels appear blue. Kit instrument labels appear green.

The action bar at the bottom of the panel contains the following options:

Add Single Player
Add Single Player button

Adds a single player to your project. Dorico Pro also automatically adds a part layout for the player in the Layouts panel.

Add Section Player
Add Section Player button

Adds a section player to your project. Dorico Pro also automatically adds a part layout for the player in the Layouts panel.

Add Ensemble
Add Ensemble button

Adds multiple players to your project. Dorico Pro also automatically adds part layouts for each player in the Layouts panel.

Add Group
Add Group button

Adds a player group to your project. If no players were selected, an empty player group is added. If existing players were selected, they are grouped together.

Sort Players
Sort Players button

Sorts all players in the Players panel according to the current player sorting setting.

You can click and hold or right-click Sort Players to change the setting to one of the following options:

  • None: New players are added at the bottom of the players list, regardless of their instrument.

  • Orchestral: New players are sorted according to the accepted orchestral order convention. For example, woodwinds positioned above brass and strings.

  • Band: New players are sorted according to the accepted wind/concert band convention. For example, strings positioned between brass and percussion.

Player Settings
Player Settings button

Allows you to access settings and controls for the selected player; for example, to rename them or show chord symbols above their staves.

You can also access player settings by right-clicking players.

Delete Player
Delete Player button

Deletes selected players or groups from the project. When you delete a player, a warning message appears that allows you to delete only the player but leave their part layouts in the project, delete both the player and their part layouts, or cancel.