Part formatting propagation

The propagation of part formatting involves copying the layout options and system formatting that determine the layouts of pages in specific part layouts and applying them to other part layouts. This can save time when formatting similar parts.

System formatting includes the positions of system and frame breaks, but also note spacing changes that affect the horizontal space that notes require.

In Dorico Pro, you can copy layout options and system formatting both together and independently of each other from a selected source layout to other destination layouts. For example, for source layouts whose formatting relies primarily on their Casting Off settings in Layout Options, it is likely that copying only their layout options is sufficient to produce the required formatting in the destination layouts without adding system/frame breaks on every system.

You can also copy the layout-specific property settings from the layout currently open in the music area to all other layouts in which those items appear.

  • Part formatting propagation is only available for part layouts. You cannot propagate part formatting from/to full score or custom score layouts.

  • We do not recommend using layouts with multiple music frame chains as either source or destination layouts as you can get unexpected results.

  • Propagating part formatting does not include overrides to individual pages made in Engrave mode.