Hiding/Showing voice colors

You can show notes in different colors according to their voice; for example, to check which notes are in which voice. When voice colors are hidden, all notes appear black by default.

Voice colors are considered annotations and are not printed by default.


You cannot show colors for voices and notes out of range simultaneously.


  • Do one of the following:
    • To show voice colors, choose View > Note And Rest Colors > Voice Colors.

    • To hide voice colors, choose View > Note And Rest Colors > None.


Voice colors are hidden/shown. The first eight voices on each staff use the colors set in Preferences > Colors > Voice Colors. Voice colors are automatically assigned to subsequent voices.


You can also identify voices by selecting individual notes and looking at the display in the status bar.


Figure 1. Voice colors shown

After Completing This Task

If showing voice colors reveals some notes are not in the voice you want, you can change their voice.