System indents

System indents control the distance between the left page margin and the start of systems of music. According to tradition, the first system in part layouts is indented, but in modern use this is not always necessary.

According to convention, coda sections at the start of new systems are also indented. Dorico Pro uses the same gap size before the start of codas whether they occur partway through systems or at the start of a new system.

Figure 1. A violin part with the first system indented

In Dorico Pro, system indents automatically adjust to accommodate staff labels. For example, if a system contains a staff label that is significantly longer than the minimum system indent, Dorico Pro increases the indent on that system to ensure the staff label remains legible and is not cut off on the left edge or collides with the music.

You can change both the minimum indent on systems with staff labels and the first system indent in each layout independently. You can also adjust the system indent at both the start and end of individual systems, independently of your per-layout settings.