Positions of repeat endings

Repeat endings are placed above the staff at the same positions as other system objects, and their hooks align with barlines. They are commonly positioned outside of other notations, but some long items, such as gradual tempo changes, can be placed above repeat endings.

You can move repeat endings to different rhythmic positions in Write mode. They are positioned by default according to your settings in Engraving Options.

You can move each repeat ending segment graphically in Engrave mode and independently of other segments in the repeat ending; however, this does not change the rhythmic positions to which they are attached.

In Engrave mode, each repeat ending segment has two square handles, one at the start and one at the end.

If repeat ending segments cross system and frame breaks, you can move the segments on each side of the break independently.

You can change the default appearance and position of all repeat endings project-wide on the Repeat Endings page in Engraving Options.

Repeat endings are categorized as system objects in Dorico Pro, which you can show above the first bracket of selected instrument families. You can change the instrument families above which system objects appear in each layout independently; for example, if you want repeat endings to appear at multiple vertical positions in each system in the full score only.