Lengthening/Shortening segments in repeat endings

You can increase/decrease the number of bars included in each segment of repeat endings by lengthening/shortening each segment independently.


  1. In Write mode, select the repeat ending you want to lengthen/shorten.

    You can only lengthen/shorten one repeat ending segment at a time.

  2. Select the circular handle at the end of the segment you want to lengthen/shorten.
    Figure 1. The selected handle in the middle has a thicker line.
  3. Click and drag the handle to the right/left to snap it to the next/previous barline.

    Segments must contain at least one bar.

  4. Optional: Repeat steps 1 to 3 for each segment in the repeat ending.


The selected segment is lengthened/shortened.

  • This does not automatically input or move repeat barlines. You must input and delete repeat barlines as appropriate manually.

  • You can also lengthen/shorten the final segment in a single repeat ending by selecting the repeat ending and using the following key commands:

    • To lengthen the final segment, press Shift-Alt/Opt-Right Arrow.

    • To shorten the final segment, press Shift-Alt/Opt-Left Arrow.