Changing the pedal line continuation type

You can change the continuation type used for individual pedal lines, independently of your project-wide settings. For example, if you want some pedal lines to show a dashed line and a sign at the end, but others to show a line and end hook.


  • The lower zone is shown.

  • Properties is selected in the lower zone toolbar.

  • If you are in Engrave mode, Graphic Editing Graphic Editing button is selected in the Engrave toolbox.


  1. Select the pedal lines whose continuation type you want to change. You can do this in Write mode and Engrave mode.
  2. In the Properties panel, activate Continuation type in the Pedal Lines group.
  3. Select one of the following continuation types from the menu:
    • Line

    • Sign at End

    • Sign at End and Dashed Line

    • None


The continuation type of the selected pedal lines is changed.


You can change the continuation type for all pedal lines project-wide on the Pedal Lines page in Engraving Options. You can choose different continuation types for each pedal type; for example, you can have a line for sustain pedal lines and just a sign at the end for una corda pedal lines.


Figure 1. Line
Figure 2. Sign at End
Figure 3. Sign at End and Dashed Line
Figure 4. None