Showing grace notes before/after barlines

By default, grace notes are positioned after barlines and directly before the notehead to which they apply, including for the first note in a bar. You can position individual grace notes before barlines; for example, so the first normal note in the bar is not pushed too far from the barline, or to indicate that grace notes are played before the beat.


  • The lower zone is shown.

  • Properties is selected in the lower zone toolbar.

  • If you are in Engrave mode, Graphic Editing Graphic Editing button is selected in the Engrave toolbox.


  1. Select the grace notes whose position relative to barlines you want to change. You can do this in Write mode and Engrave mode.
  2. In the Properties panel, activate/deactivate Grace note before barline in the Grace Notes group.


Grace notes at the selected rhythmic positions are positioned before barlines when the property is activated, and after barlines when the property is deactivated.


This affects all grace notes at the selected rhythmic positions.