Chord symbol appearance presets

There are many conventions for the appearance of chord symbols, so Dorico Pro provides a choice of preset conventions that you can use and edit.

For example, you can edit default preset chord symbols, you can edit individual chord symbols without changing the default appearance for that chord symbol, and you can edit individual components within chord symbols.

  • You can access chord symbol presets at the top of the Chord Symbols page in Engraving Options.

Chord symbol preset example

Chord symbol preset name





New York


Jazz Standards



These presets use specific combinations of the options on the Chord Symbols page. You can also adjust these options individually to suit your requirements.

  • Default uses a set of symbols intended to be as unambiguous as possible. For example, Default avoids the use of symbols for major seventh, augmented, diminished, and half-diminished. This is the default preset for new projects.

  • Custom is automatically selected when you change any of the preset options.