Edit Playback Techniques dialog

The Edit Playback Techniques dialog allows you to define new playback techniques and edit existing ones. Playback techniques are used by expression maps to assign the correct sounds to the required notations in the music, such as playing techniques, tremolos, jazz articulations, and articulations.

You can open the Edit Playback Techniques dialog in any of the following ways:

  • Choose Library > Playback Techniques.

  • In the Edit Playing Techniques dialog, on the General tab, click Edit beside Playback technique.

Edit Playback Techniques dialog

The Edit Playback Techniques dialog contains the following sections and options:

  1. Category menu

    Allows you to filter the list of playback techniques by selecting a category from the menu, such as Techniques or Dynamics.

  2. Playback techniques list

    Contains all the playback techniques in the project within the currently selected category.

    The action bar at the bottom of the list contains the following options:

    • New : Adds a new blank playback technique.

    • New from Selection : Creates a copy of an existing playback technique that you can edit separately from the original.

    • Save as Default : Saves the selected playback technique to your user library, allowing you to use it in multiple projects. Appears as for playback techniques saved as default.

    • Revert to Factory : Removes all your changes to the selected playback technique, returning it to its saved settings.

    • Delete : Deletes the selected playback technique.


      You cannot delete predefined playing techniques or any playing technique that is currently used in your project.

  3. Name

    Allows you to edit or enter the name of the playback technique. This is the name shown in lists in the Edit Playing Techniques, Expression Maps, Playback Technique Combinations, and Percussion Maps dialogs.

  4. Playback options

    • Alias for: Allows you to select another playback technique whose sound mapping you want to apply to the selected playback technique as well.

    • Group: Sets the group in which this playback technique appears.

    • Fallback: Allows you to specify another playback technique that can be used if the present one is not available.

    • Articulation type: Sets the duration over which the playback technique takes effect. Attribute applies only to the note at the rhythmic position where the playing technique is found, such as a staccato articulation, while Direction applies to all following notes until it is replaced by another playing technique, such as pizzicato.