Playing Techniques editor

The Playing Techniques editor displays where playing techniques are in use for the corresponding instrument or voice; for example, as a result of inputting playing techniques, slurs, or articulations. It is located in the Key Editor in the lower zone.

  • You can hide/show the Playing Techniques editor by clicking Playing Techniques in the Key Editor panel toolbar.


    You can only show the Playing Techniques editor when a single instrument/voice is shown in the Key Editor.

Playing Techniques editor with elements labelled

The Playing Techniques editor comprises the following:

  1. Editor header

    Displays the name of the editor.

  2. Playing technique regions

    Display the playing technique and note length condition that apply to notes in the region. You can hover your mouse pointer over playing technique regions to see the following related information:

    • Any playback techniques, switches, and other effects in place, such as adjustments for articulations

    • Expression map used for the region

    • Channel in the VST or MIDI instrument used for the region

    • VST or MIDI instrument used for the region


You cannot change playing techniques in the Playing Techniques editor. You can only change them in Write mode.