Entering text in text frames

You can enter text in text frames, format the text, and insert separate paragraphs and line breaks. You can also edit existing text in text frames; for example, if you later want text to be italic instead of bold.


If you want to enter text in a text frame on a page template, you have opened the page template in the page template editor.


  1. In Engrave mode, double-click the text frame into which you want to enter text to open the text editor.

    When Frames Frames button is selected in the Engrave toolbox, you can also select text frames and press Return.

  2. Enter the text you want.
    • To insert a token, right-click in the text frame and choose the required token from the context menu.

    • To insert a music symbol, right-click in the text frame and choose Insert Music Text from the context menu to open the Insert Music Text dialog. Select the music symbol you want to insert, then click OK.

    • To insert a line break, press Return.

  3. Optional: Format the text using the text editor options.

    You can select specific words and paragraphs to format only the selected text.

  4. Press Esc or Ctrl/Cmd-Return to close the text editor.


Text is entered into the text frame. Tokens and music symbols are inserted at the cursor position.

When you insert line breaks, the cursor jumps to the beginning of the new line.


If you override the paragraph style of text in an individual text item or text frame, such as by making text bold, any changes you later make to corresponding parameters of the paragraph style are not applied to the overridden text. However, font size overrides are combined with the font size in the paragraph style.