Frames panel

The Frames panel allows you to insert different types of frames onto pages and edit their constraints. It is located in the left zone in Engrave mode.

  • You can show the Frames panel by showing the left zone, then clicking Frames in the Engrave toolbox.

The Frames panel contains the following sections:

Insert Frames

The Insert Frames section allows you to create new frames on pages in layouts as well as on page templates.

Insert Music Frame

Allows you to insert a music frame. On pages in layouts, this inserts a music frame that belongs to a layout frame chain. On page templates in the page template editor, this inserts a frame that belongs to a page template frame chain.

Insert Text Frame

Allows you to insert a frame into which you can enter text and tokens.

Insert Graphics Frame

Allows you to insert a frame that can contain an image or an illustration.


The Constraints section allows you to specify which sides of frames you want to lock to the corresponding page margins. Locked frame constraints retain their positions relative to the corresponding page margin, even if the page size, orientation, and/or page margins change.

Figure 1. The Constraints section of the Frames panel, showing the constraints of a header frame