Exporting layouts as graphics files

You can export individual layouts as a variety of graphics files, such as PDF or PNG.


  1. In the Layouts panel, select the layouts you want to export.
  2. In the Print Options panel, choose Graphics in the Destination section.
  3. Choose a color mode.
    • Mono exports the graphic in black and white.

    • Color exports the graphic in full color.

    • If you export a graphics file with a resolution of 72 dpi, we recommend that you select Color. If you select Mono, staff lines can disappear.

    • If you want to export layouts with watermarks, you must choose Color.

  4. Select a graphics file format from the menu.
  5. Optional: If you selected PNG or TIFF, select a resolution from the Resolution menu.

    The Resolution setting does not affect PDF and SVG files as they are vector formats.

  6. Optional: Specify an export path.
  7. Optional: If you want to change the file name recipe, click File Name Options to open the Export File Names dialog.
  8. Optional: In the Export File Names dialog, change the file name recipe for your selected graphics file formats.
  9. Optional: If you only want to export a specified range of pages, choose Page Range in the Job Type section.
  10. Optional: If you selected Page Range, enter the pages you want into the value field.
    • To specify a range, enter the first page and last page separated with a dash, such as 1-4.

    • To specify individual pages or separate ranges, enter each page/range separated with commas, such as 1,3,5-8.


      Separate ranges are exported as separate files.

  11. In the Page Setup section, choose the page orientation you want.
  12. In the Annotations section, activate each annotation you want to add to the selected layouts.

    Watermarks are only included in layouts exported as Color graphics.

  13. Click Export.


The selected layouts are exported as the selected graphics format using the file name recipe set for their graphics file format in the Export File Names dialog. They are saved in the folder set in the Destination folder field, or in the same folder as the project file if the set export path is no longer accessible.

If your selection included part layouts set to concert pitch, Dorico Pro shows a warning and offers to switch them all to transposed pitch before printing/exporting. You can also select which layouts you want to switch to transposed pitch or proceed anyway with no changes.


You can assign key commands to different printing and exporting commands on the Key Commands page in Preferences.