Selecting beats with the system track

The system track allows you to select all items, including system objects, on all staves in the system across the selected beats.


The system track is shown.


  1. Press and hold Alt/Opt.

    Grid lines that match the current rhythmic grid resolution appear in the system track.

  2. Without releasing Alt/Opt, click and drag to the right/left along the system track.

    You cannot Shift-click when selecting beats.

  3. Click System Track Select in the system track. It can also appear above the system track if your selection is narrow.
    Figure 1. System Track Select button in the system track
    Figure 2. The System Track Select button appears filled in when you hover over it


Everything on all staves in the selected beats is selected and highlighted, including system objects, notations, and signposts.


If you then delete your selection, any signposts included are also deleted. This can affect the page layout, for example, by removing ossia staves whose signposts were included in the selection.