Comments panel

The Comments panel shows all the comments in the current flow as a list. Replies to comments are indented to indicate their relationship to the original comment. The Comments panel is located on the right of the window in Write mode.

  • You can hide/show the Comments panel by clicking Comments in the Notations toolbox on the right of the window in Write mode.

    You can also hide/show the panel whose icon is currently selected in the Notations toolbox by pressing Ctrl/Cmd-9 or clicking the disclosure arrow on the right of the window.

Figure 1. Comments panel

Each comment in the panel shows the following:

  1. Author name

    This uses either the current user account or a custom name, depending on the preference that was set when the comment was added.

  2. Comment content

  3. Date the comment was added to the project

  4. Instrument to which the comment applies

  5. Bars to which the comment applies

The action bar at the bottom of the panel contains the following options:

Create Comment

Adds a comment to the selected rhythmic position and staff.

Edit Comment

Opens the selected comment in the Comment dialog and allows you to change its content.

Reply to Comment

Adds a comment that is a reply to the selected comment. Replies are shown indented in the Comments panel and stacked in the music area.

Export Comments

Exports all the comments in the project as an HTML file, which opens automatically in your default web browser. The HTML file is automatically saved in the same location as the project.

Delete Comment

Deletes the selected comments.