Deleting notes and items

You can delete any notes/items you have input into your project independently of each other, such as deleting repeat endings without deleting the notes in them. However, you must be in Write mode. You cannot delete notes and items in Setup, Engrave, or Print modes.

You can also delete notes in Play mode, but not other notation items.


  1. In Write mode, select the notes/items you want to delete.
  2. Press Backspace or Delete.


All selected notes/items are deleted from your project. Deleted notes are replaced by implicit rests as appropriate. Dorico Pro moves your selection to the most logical and nearby item to the deleted items. For example, if you deleted a note, Dorico Pro’s first choice is the nearest note in the same voice.

If a slur began or ended on a deleted note, the slur is automatically repositioned to the next/previous notehead. If only one note is left under a slur, the slur is automatically deleted.

Holds and pauses are not automatically deleted if they are not selected when you delete notes. They are positioned above the note/rest closest to their rhythmic position, or over whole bar rests if you delete all notes in a bar.

Any repeat barlines input as part of repeat endings are not deleted automatically when you delete repeat endings.


You can also delete markers by selecting them in the Markers section of the Video panel and clicking Delete in the action bar.