Fretted instrument tuning

Fretted instruments can have different numbers of strings and frets. In order to display tablature for fretted instruments in Dorico Pro, you must specify information about the tuning of fretted instruments.

Dorico Pro requires the following information to display tablature:

  • The number of strings the instrument has

  • The open pitch of each string

  • The number of frets

  • The fret number at which each string starts, such as for the fifth string on a banjo

  • The pitch intervals between frets

When you assign a fretted instrument to a player or change an existing instrument, any available tunings for that instrument are shown in the instrument picker.

You can also customize all aspects of fretted instruments in the Edit Strings and Tuning dialog.


Any fretted instruments in projects created in earlier versions of Dorico Pro are automatically assigned the standard set of strings and tunings associated with that instrument when the project is first opened in Dorico Pro 3. The quickest way to change their tuning is changing the instrument type in the instrument picker.