Printing/Exporting a page range

By default, Dorico Pro prints/exports all pages of the selected layouts. You can specify a specific page range to print/export.


You can only print booklets using the complete range of pages. You cannot define any page ranges.


  1. In the Layouts panel, select the layouts from which you want to print/export a range of pages.
  2. Optional: In the Destination section, check the layouts are set to print/export using the printer/graphics file formats you want.
  3. In the Job Type section, choose Page Range.
  4. Enter the pages you want into the value field.
    • Note

      Separate ranges are exported as separate files.

  5. Click Print/Export/Print and Export.


The specified pages in the selected layouts are printed/exported. Exported files use the file name recipe set for their graphics file format in the Export File Names dialog.