Enabling independent voice playback

By default, all voices belonging to a single instrument, including divisi staves, use the same endpoint for playback. You can enable independent voice playback, for example, to hear the different playing techniques in playback for a string divisi where some parts are pizzicato and some parts are arco.


You cannot enable independent voice playback for unpitched percussion kits.


  1. Expand the instrument tracks for which you want to enable independent voice playback.
  2. In each instrument track header, activate Enable independent playback of voices.


Independent voice playback is enabled for each instrument. Dorico Pro automatically loads enough additional channels, and additional plug-in instances if necessary, to accommodate all voices belonging to the corresponding instrument project-wide.

Voices are automatically assigned to endpoints according to their order in the Voices menu. Selecting an individual voice from the Voices menu shows only the corresponding notes in the piano roll editor.


For instrument tracks with independent voice playback enabled, you can only show dynamics, automation, and playing techniques lanes when a single voice is selected.

After Completing This Task

You can change the endpoints of each voice in each flow independently, for example, if some voices in some flows require a solo sound instead of an ensemble one.