Muting/Soloing tracks

You can mute/solo individual tracks. This allows you to set fixed groups to sound in playback, for example, if you only want to listen to certain groups of players at a time.


  1. In the toolbar, click Show Mixer to show the Mixer.
  2. In the Mixer, click the appropriate button at the top of each channel you want to mute/solo.
    • Mute

    • Solo


Each track is muted/soloed and the corresponding buttons are enabled.

This affects which tracks play back until you change which tracks are muted/soloed, meaning you do not have to reselect the tracks you want to hear each time. For example, if you have eight tracks and solo four, only those four are played back. If you mute two tracks, those tracks are not played back but the other six are played back.

  • Soloing tracks automatically mutes all other tracks. If you solo a track that was muted, it is automatically unmuted.

  • You can also play back only certain tracks/staves by selecting notes/items on each track/staff you want to hear.


Figure 1. Mute when enabled
Figure 2. Solo when enabled