Resetting playback overrides

You can remove all changes made to how individual notes play back, for example, if you previously changed the played duration of notes and want to revert them to their default start position, length, and velocity.

Removing playback overrides also removes any offsets to the start and end position of notes imported from MIDI files with preserved note positions.


Any note velocities that are set on notes are reflected in playback, for example, from imported MIDI files or MIDI recording. If you want dynamics you input in Write mode to be reflected in playback instead, you must remove playback overrides.


  1. In the piano roll editor or drum editor, select the notes whose playback overrides you want to reset.
  2. Choose Play > Reset Playback Overrides.


All playback overrides are removed from the selected notes.


The played duration of the selected notes initially appears to revert to match their notated duration. However, starting playback or switching modes refreshes their appearance to their default played duration. For example, if the notes are staccato, their played duration is half their notated duration by default.