Percussion Instrument Playing Techniques dialog

The Percussion Instrument Playing Techniques dialog allows you to edit the set of playing technique-specific noteheads defined for each unpitched percussion instrument.

You can open the Percussion Instrument Playing Techniques dialog in Setup mode in the following ways:

  • For an individual percussion instrument: In the Players panel, expand the card of the player holding the instrument, click the arrow in the instrument label, and choose Edit Percussion Playing Techniques from the menu.

  • For percussion instruments that are part of percussion kits: In the Players panel, click the arrow in the kit instrument label, and choose Edit Percussion Kit to open the Edit Percussion Kit dialog, select the instrument whose playing techniques you want to edit in the main editing area, and click Edit Percussion Playing Techniques.

Percussion Instrument Playing Techniques dialog
  1. Playing technique-specific noteheads list

    Contains the main playing technique-specific noteheads currently defined for the selected percussion instrument, showing the notehead set and the staff position corresponding to the playing technique as applicable.

    You can add new playing technique-specific noteheads for unpitched percussion instruments. Normally, percussion instruments define at least the Natural playing technique, which is usually shown using the default notehead set.

  2. Playback of Articulations and Tremolos

    Allows you to define how combinations of articulations and tremolo strokes affect or override the playback of playing techniques.

    For example, you can define an entirely different playing technique for a playing technique-specific notehead for when an accent is added to it.

  3. Overrides of articulations and tremolos list

    Displays any overrides of articulations and tremolos you define.


Figure 1. Three different snare drum playing technique-specific noteheads followed by two clash cymbal playing technique-specific noteheads

All of these settings are saved in the percussion instrument within your project, and you can export them from one project and import them into others.


Overrides for articulations and tremolos are not currently reflected in playback, but this is planned for future versions.