Navigation during chord symbol input

You can input multiple chord symbols without re-opening the popover each time by manually advancing it to other positions.

Navigating with a computer keyboard

You can move the chord symbols popover to input chord symbols on other notes without having to close and reopen the popover on each note.

Popover navigation

Key command

Advance the popover to the next beat.


Move the popover back to the previous beat.


Advance the popover to the start of the next bar.


Move the popover back to the start of the previous bar.


Move the popover to one of the following positions, whichever is closest:

  • Next/Previous note

  • Next/Previous rest

  • Next/Previous rhythmic grid position

Right Arrow/Left Arrow

Move the popover to the next/previous chord symbol.

Ctrl/Cmd-Right Arrow/Ctrl/Cmd-Left Arrow

Navigating with a MIDI keyboard

When inputting chord symbols using a MIDI keyboard, by default the popover advances automatically to the next beat after you play a chord. You can change this behavior using the Advance during chord symbol input via MIDI keyboard options on the MIDI Input page in Write > Note Input Options.

Furthermore, you can define specific keys or buttons on your MIDI keyboard to trigger different navigation behaviors. Use the MIDI Learn button on the Key Commands page in Preferences to assign specific keys to the NoteInput > Advance Chord Symbol Input commands.