Inputting bar rests during step input

When inputting music in multiple voices, rests are normally created automatically when there is a gap in the secondary voice. However, if you want secondary voices to begin with explicit bar rests in strict contrapuntal music, you can input a bar rest during step input.

For music in a single voice, you do not have to input bar rests. Bar rests appear in each new bar automatically when you advance the caret, but you can also hide/show bar rests in all empty bars in each layout independently.


  1. In Write mode, start note input.
  2. Select the appropriate secondary voice by pressing V until the voice direction indicator shows the correct voice.

    Alternatively, if you want to input bar rests into a new voice, press Shift-V until the voice direction indicator shows the correct voice.

  3. Press Shift-B to open the bars and barlines popover.
  4. Enter rest into the popover to add a bar rest.
  5. Press Return to close the popover.
  6. Press Ctrl/Cmd-Right Arrow to advance the caret to the start of the next bar after the bar rest.


Bar rests are input at the caret position. If the caret position is within a bar that contains notes for the selected voice, these notes are replaced by the bar rest.


Alternatively, you can click Insert Bar Rest in the Insert Bar Rest section of the Bars and Barlines panel to input bar rests during step input.