Inputting barlines with the popover

You can input barlines using the bars and barlines popover, both during step input and by adding them to existing music. You can also change the type of existing barlines.


If you want to input barlines onto single staves only, you have input an independent key signature on those staves.


  1. In Write mode, do one of the following:
    • Start note input.

    • Select an existing note or rest immediately to the right of where you want to input a barline.

  2. Press Shift-B to open the bars and barlines popover.
  3. Enter the barline you want into the popover.

    For example, enter || for a double barline.

  4. Input the barline and close the popover in one of the following ways:
    • To input a barline on all staves, press Return.

    • To input a barline on the selected staff only, press Alt-Return.


      You can only input barlines onto single staves that already have an independent time signature.

  5. Press Return to close the popover.


During step input, barlines are input at the caret position.

When you add barlines to existing music, they are added immediately to the left of a selected note or rest.

When you change existing barlines, the new barline directly replaces the selected barline.

Surrounding music automatically adjusts to accommodate the barline. For example, note grouping, rests, and tied notes all adjust if necessary.