Changing the audio device buffer size

You can change the audio buffer size, for example, if the current buffer size is causing notes input using MIDI recording appear significantly after the beat.

  • If the notes you play when recording MIDI are notated behind the beat, we recommend that you reduce the buffer size for your audio device to the lowest possible value that still produces stable playback with no drop-outs.

  • The built-in audio device on Windows computers cannot always achieve a low enough latency for reliable input in real time. In such cases, we recommend that you use an external USB audio interface with ASIO support.


  1. Choose Edit > Device Setup to open the Device Setup dialog.
  2. In the Device Setup dialog, select the audio device whose buffer size you want to change from the ASIO Driver menu.
  3. Click Device Control Panel to open the device settings dialog for the selected audio device.
  4. In the audio device settings dialog, change the buffer size in one of the following ways, as appropriate for your operating system:
    • For macOS systems, select a sample rate from the Buffer Size menu.

    • For Windows systems, in the Audio buffer size section, either drag the slider to a different position or activate User definable and change the value in the Selected buffer size field.

  5. Click Close (macOS)/OK ((Windows only)) to close the audio device settings dialog.
  6. Click Close to close the Device Setup dialog.