Inputting notes in the event display

You can input notes into the instruments in your project using the event display in Play mode. You can follow these steps for both pitched and unpitched instruments.


  1. Expand the instrument tracks into which you want to input notes.

    When inputting notes in unpitched percussion instruments, expanding just the player track is sufficient.

  2. Select one of the following tools, depending on the instrument type:
    • To input notes in pitched instrument tracks, select Draw by pressing D or clicking Draw in the Play toolbox.

    • To input notes in unpitched percussion instrument tracks, select Draw Percussion by clicking Draw Percussion in the Play toolbox.

  3. Input notes in one of the following ways, depending on the instrument type:
    • For pitched instruments, click and drag horizontally in the piano roll for the required duration at the pitch position you want.

    • For unpitched percussion instruments, click in the drum editor at the positions where you want to input notes.


In the piano roll editor, notes are input at the pitches indicated by the piano keyboard on the left of the piano roll.

In the drum editor, a note is input in the corresponding instrument each time you click. The current rhythmic grid value determines the duration of the notes. The duration of notes is indicated by a highlighted area in the track. The shape of the note event in the drum editor is the same for all durations.

After Completing This Task

You can change both the notated and played durations of notes. You can also change the duration of notes in the score in Write mode.