Lengthening/Shortening slash regions

You can lengthen/shorten slash regions after they have been input. Because multiple slash regions can exist at the same rhythmic position, you can also lengthen/shorten slash regions so they overlap with other slash regions.


  1. In Write mode, select any part of each slash region you want to lengthen/shorten.

    When using the mouse, you can only lengthen/shorten one slash region at a time.

  2. Lengthen/Shorten the selected slash regions in any of the following ways:
    • To lengthen them by the current rhythmic grid value, press Shift-Alt-Right Arrow.

    • To shorten them by the current rhythmic grid value, press Shift-Alt-Left Arrow.


      Key commands lengthen/shorten items by moving their end only.

    • Click and drag the circular handle at the start/end to the right/left.


The selected slash regions are lengthened/shortened according to the current rhythmic grid value. If any part of them overlap rhythmic positions with other slash regions, the staff positions of slashes are automatically adjusted to accommodate multiple slash regions at the same positions.