Project-wide engraving options for repeat markers

You can find options controlling the project-wide design, position, and appearance of repeat markers on the Repeat Markers page in Engrave > Engraving Options.

The options on the Repeat Markers page allow you to change the appearance, design, and length of repeat markers, the default gap before coda sections that start mid-system, and their default position. You can also change the order of symbols and text in repeat markers, the scale size of symbols compared to text, and the letter case for repeat marker text.

The following appearance presets are provided in the Repeat Markers Preset section:

  • Standard

    Based on the most commonly-used conventions in current rock/pop sheet music publishing, which produce shorter, more abbreviated instructions.

  • Gould

    Based on the recommendations made in Elaine Gould’s book Behind Bars, which is better suited for classical and concert music as it produces longer, more explicit instructions.


    Gould also recommends placing repeat markers below the staff instead of above it.

  • Custom

    A mixture of settings according to your preference. This preset is automatically selected when you override an appearance preset by changing individual options.

There are musical examples for many options to demonstrate how they affect the appearance of your music.