Assigning flows to frame chains

You can change which flows are shown in each frame chain, for example, if you want to exclude some flows from the master page frame chain because you want to display those flows in layout frame chains instead.

  • You can assign flows to both master page frame chains and layout frame chains. However, you can only change the flows assigned to layout frame chains in individual layouts, and you can only change the flows assigned to master page frame chains in the master page editor.

  • Changing the assigned flows affects all frames in the frame chain.


  • Frames is selected in the Engrave toolbox.

  • If you want to change the flows assigned to music frame chains on a master page, you have opened the master page in the master page editor.


  1. In the music frame whose assigned flows you want to change, click Flows.
  2. Select the flows you want to be displayed in the frame chain from the Filter by Flow menu.
  3. Click outside of the selector to close it.


The music frame shows the selected flows. If you changed the flows assigned to a master page music frame, the number of pages in the layouts to which the master page is applied automatically updates. For example, if you assigned an extra flow to the master page frame chain, enough extra pages and frames to display that flow are added to the corresponding layouts.