Project window in Write mode

The project window in Write mode contains the default toolbar, the music area, and the status bar. It provides toolboxes and panels with the tools and functions that you need to write your music.

To open Write mode, you have the following options:

  • Select Write on the toolbar.

  • Select Window > Write.

Figure: Toolboxes and panels in Write mode

The following panels and toolboxes are available:

  1. Notes toolbox

    Contains all tools that allow you to modify the note input.

  2. Notes panel

    Provides the note types, accidentals, slur, and articulations that are most commonly used during note input.

  3. Properties panel

    Contains quick access properties that are required to make specific modifications to the notation.

  4. Notations panel

    Contains all the notation items that you can use for your music.

  5. Notations toolbox

    Allows you to select tools that determine which notation items are shown in the Notations panel.