When you start Dorico, the Hub opens. The Hub keeps you up-to-date with the latest information and assists you with organizing your projects. It consists of the News section and the Projects section.

Steinberg Hub window

Displays Steinberg news.

Read More

Links you to a page on the Steinberg website with more detailed information about the news and tutorials topic that you selected.

User Forum

Links you to the user forum on the Steinberg website.


Links you to the download page on the Steinberg website.

Knowledge Base

Links you to the Knowledge Base on the Steinberg website.

Recent Projects

Shows a list of the projects that you worked on last. You can scroll through the list with the Up Arrow/Down Arrow keys or with the mouse.

Orchestral, Band, Chamber, Choral and Vocal, Solo

Allow you to choose between different categories of project templates.

New Empty Project

Starts a new project.

Open Other

Allows you to open any other project file in your file system.

Open Selected Project

Opens the file that you selected in the Recent Projects list. Alternatively, you can double-click the file name or select the file and press Enter.

Project Templates only: New from Template

Creates a new project from the project template that you selected in the list of a project template category.