Player, layout, and instrument names

In Dorico, you can use three different names to refer to the same player in different contexts. This allows you to show relevant information in different places in the score.

The three different names that relate to players and instruments are:

  • Player name

  • Layout name

  • Instrument name

You can change all of these names for individual players independently of other instruments of the same type. Each name is used in different places. Player and layout names are shown using text tokens.

Player name

Given to players in the Players panel. It is not used in the score, instead you can use the player name as part of your own workflow, independently of what instruments and players are called in staff labels and layout names.

Player names are automatically generated when you add instruments.

Layout name

The name for each layout in the Layouts panel. They are used at the top of individual part layouts.

Layout names are automatically generated when you add instruments, and are linked to the player name until you change the layout name.

Instrument names

Used in staff labels. This means that the instrument label on each staff is relevant to the instrument currently being played by that player, rather than listing all instruments that player is playing in the flow.

For example, if a clarinettist is doubling bass clarinet, the staff label where the player plays clarinet automatically shows Clarinet, and the staff label automatically shows Bass Clarinet where the player plays bass clarinet.

All instruments in Dorico come with a set of instrument names that you can change.

You can change the instrument names for individual instruments independently, even if other players in the project are playing the same instrument.

You can save your changes to instrument names as default, so your names are used whenever you add that instrument again in the project.


Changing the default instruments names does not change the instrument names of existing instruments of that type in your project.