Layout page arrangements for printing/exporting

Dorico provides several page arrangements that you can use for printing/exporting your layouts.

Job Type

In the Job Type section, you can specify how you want the layouts to be printed/exported. On the Job Type pop-up menu, the following job types are available:


Prints one page on each sheet of paper.


Prints two pages side-by-side on each sheet of paper, with odd-numbered pages on the right-hand side and even-numbered pages on the left-hand side.


Prints two pages side-by-side on each sheet of paper. The first page in the range is printed on the left-hand side of the first sheet of paper.


Prints two pages on each sheet of paper according to imposition requirements. This means that if the paper is folded, the pages are laid out like a book.

  • Depending on the job type that you choose, Dorico switches the orientation for you. The changed orientation is immediately displayed in the music area. If this is not what you want, you can override the orientation in the Page Setup section.

  • All of the job types allow printing either onto a single side of each sheet of paper or on both sides of the paper.


It is usual to print booklets, spreads, and 2-up onto paper in landscape orientation. Printing one page to each sheet should typically use portrait orientation, unless the layout itself uses landscape orientation.

Page Ranges

In the Job Type section, you can specify a range of pages to be printed/exported. You have the following options:

All Pages

Allows you to print/export all pages of the selected layouts.

Page Range

Allows you to set a range of pages to be printed.