Exporting layouts as graphic files

You can export individual layouts as a variety of graphic files, such as PDF or PNG.



  1. In the Layouts panel, select the layouts you want to export.
  2. In the Print Options panel, choose Graphics in the Destination section.
  3. Select a graphics file format from the menu.
  4. Optional: If you selected PNG or TIFF, select a resolution from the Resolution menu.

    You cannot change the resolution if you select PDF or SVG. However, if you select PNG or TIFF, change the resolution, and then select PDF or SVG, the resolution you selected still applies.

  5. Choose a color mode.
    • Mono exports the graphic in black and white.

    • Color exports the graphic in full color.


    If you export a graphic file with a resolution of 72 dpi, it is recommended that you select Color. If you select Mono, staff lines may disappear.

  6. Click Export.


The selected layouts are exported as the selected graphics format. They are saved in the folder set in the Destination folder field.