When printing/exporting your layouts for publication, you can include typical annotations. Publishers and printing bureaux can use these to identify and register the printed image correctly or to embed the exported graphic file into a desktop publishing application.

You can also allow Dorico to print or export any view options that you have activated in your project.


Crop marks and the border can only be printed if the page size is smaller than the paper size.

In the Annotations section, you have the following options:

Crop Marks

Adds short vertical and horizontal lines at each of the four corners of the page.


Adds an outline around the edge of the page dimensions.

Date and Time

Adds the date and time of printing at the bottom of each page.


Adds large translucent text across the middle of each page. This is useful for indicating that this version is a draft, proof, or perusal score. In the Watermark Text field at the bottom of the section, you can enter the text that you want to show on each page.

View options

Adds all active view options, such as signposts and note colors to the printout or exported graphic.