Playback Options dialog

The Playback Options dialog provides options that allow you to make project-wide changes to how the music you have written sounds when played back. These options affect playback, regardless of expression maps and patches.

In the Playback Options dialog, you can change how dynamics, pedal lines, and different notations are interpreted during playback.

For example, you can change how much louder notes on the first beat in each bar are compared to other notes in the bar, change how long each pedal retake lasts, and how much different articulations, such as staccatissimo and tenuto, affect the duration of notes.


You can save all options that you set in Playback Options as the default for new projects by clicking Save as Default.

You can open Playback Options in any of the following ways:

  • Press Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-P in any mode.

  • Choose Play > Playback Options in Play mode.

Figure: Playback Options

The list on the left of the Playback Options dialog contains the available pages. All the options available for the category selected in the page list are shown in the main area of the dialog.

Pages with many options are divided into sections.