Hiding/Showing panels

You can hide/show individual or multiple panels. This is useful if you want to see more of the music area, for example.


Hide individual panels or all panels in the following ways:
  • To hide/show the left panel:

    Press Ctrl/Cmd-7.

    Click its disclosure arrow.

    Choose Window > Show Left Panel.

  • To hide/show the right panel:

    Press Ctrl/Cmd-9.

    Click its disclosure arrow.

    Choose Window > Show Right Panel.

  • To hide/show the bottom panel:

    Press Ctrl/Cmd-8.

    Click its disclosure arrow.

    Choose Window > Show Bottom Panel.

  • To hide/show all panels:

    Press Ctrl/Cmd-0.

    Click Hide/Restore Panels.

    Choose Window > Hide/Restore Panels.

You can hide/show the panel whose icon is currently selected in the Notations toolbox in any of the following ways:


The corresponding panels are hidden/shown. Panels are hidden when no tick is shown beside the corresponding panel in the menu, and shown when a tick is shown in the menu.

If you hide all active panels, the button changes its look and displays which panels are hidden. For example, the Hide/Restore Panels button in the toolbar indicates that all panels were active and are now hidden.