Adding a key signature

In this section, you learn how to add a key signature. You can add a key signature at any rhythmic position on the staff.

When you start a new project from scratch, by default, there is no key signature shown. Depending on the kind of music you are writing, the key signature might be taken to mean C major or an open key with no specific tonal center.

You can change the key anywhere on the staff. To add a different key signature at the beginning of the staff, for example, D major, proceed as follows:


  1. Select the first note on the staff.
  2. Press Shift-K.

    This opens the key signatures popover on top of the staff.

  3. Enter a key signature into the popover. If you want to enter D major, enter an uppercase D.

    For D minor, enter a lowercase d.

  4. Press Return.


The key signature is inserted between the clef and the time signature. Dorico automatically adds accidentals where necessary.