The Explode function

This function allows you to “split” the notes on a staff into separate tracks. It is also possible to use this function to convert a polyphonic staff into polyphonic voices.

Create a copy of the original track first, because it will be changed by the operation.


  1. Open the Scores menu, open the Functions submenu and select “Explode”.

    The Explode dialog opens.

  2. Make sure that “To New tracks” is selected at the top of the dialog.
  3. Enter the desired number of new tracks.

    Note that this is the number of new tracks to be created! For example, if you have a three-part polyphonic section and want to split this into three separate tracks, you must specify 2 new tracks, since the original track holds one of the parts.

  4. Use the options in the bottom section to set up the criteria for the split.

    Choose from the following options:



    Split Note

    Use this to move all notes below a certain pitch to another track. When this is selected, it is pointless to specify more than 1 new track.

    Lines To tracks

    Use this when you want all musical “lines” to be put on one track each. The notes with the highest pitch remains on the original track, the notes with the second highest pitch are put on the first new track, and so on.

    Bass To Lowest Voice

    If this option is activated, the lowest notes always end up on the lowest track.

  5. Click OK.


A number of new tracks are now added to the score and the Project window.