Explode Dialog

The Explode dialog allows you to move notes to different voices or tracks.

  • To open the Explode dialog, select Scores > Functions > Explode.

To Polyphonic Voices

Allows you to move the notes to polyphonic voices.

To New Tracks

Allows you to move the notes to newly created tracks.

Number of New Tracks

Allows you to set up how many new tracks are created for the notes. If you have a three-part polyphonic section and want to split this into three separate tracks, you must specify two new tracks, since the original track holds one of the parts.

Split Note

Moves all notes below a certain pitch to another track or another voice.

Lines to Tracks

Moves each musical line to one track or to another voice. The notes with the highest pitch remain on the original track or in the first voice, the notes with the second highest pitch are moved to the first new track or the second voice, and so on.

Bass to Lowest Voice

If this option is activated, the lowest notes always end up on the lowest track or the lowest voice.