Auto Layout Dialog

The Auto Layout dialog contains settings for automatic layout adjustments. You can also specify a number of values for the layout functions.

To open the Auto Layout dialog, do one of the following:

  • Select Scores > Auto Layout.

  • Click Auto Layout on the extended toolbar.

Move Bars

Adjusts the bar widths of the active grand staff, so that all notes and symbols get as much room as possible. The number of bars on the staff is not affected. You can use this function for several selected staves in one go.

Move Staves

Changes the bar width and the vertical staff distance of the active staff and all following staves.

Spread Page

Corrects the vertical layout of the staves on the current page, so that they fit onto the page.

Hide Empty Staves

Hides all empty staves from the active staff to the end of the score.

  • Polyphonic/Split staves are treated as one entity if the clef in the upper system differs from that in the lower system. This means that a piano staff is considered empty only if there are no notes on either staff.

  • If you activate Auto Layout: Don’t hide first staff in the Preferences dialog (Scores–Editing page), staves are not hidden, even if they are empty. This is useful if you are creating an orchestra score and want to show the complete layout of the orchestra on the first page of the score.

  • If Hide is activated on the filters bar, a marker indicates hidden staves. To display a hidden stave, delete the marker.

Activate All Pages to apply the options to the active staff and onwards.

Move Bars and Staves

Optimizes the number of bars across the page for each staff with the maximum number of bars as set in the dialog. This is a combination of Move Bars, Move Staves, and All Pages, plus automatic calculation of the number of bars across the page.

Optimize All

All of the above in one fell swoop. This procedure might take some time but usually yields great results.

Auto Space/Page Mode

Allows you to set how much space is allowed for each element in the score.

Minimum Distance between Staves

Determines the minimum distance between the staves if you use an Auto Layout function that changes the vertical staff distance.

Minimum Distance between Grand Staves

Sets the minimum distance between grand staves.

Add to Auto Layout Distance

The distance that is added between staves when you use an Auto Layout function. The higher the number, the larger the distance between staves.

‘Spread Page’ Bottom Distance

The distance that is added to the white space on the bottom of a page when using the Spread Page function.

Max. Number of Bars

The maximum number of bars per staff when using Move Bars and Staves or Optimize All.


You can change these automatic layout adjustments like any other manual setting. This means that if there is something you do not like, you can always change it manually.