Set Note Info Dialog

The Set Note Info dialog allows you to change the properties of all notes individually.

  • To open the Set Note Info dialog, double-click a notehead.

The following options are available:


Allows you to select a notehead symbol for the note. Select Auto for a default notehead.


Allows you to change the size of noteheads.


Allows you to convert a note into a tablature note. You can specify a fret number for the notehead.


Allows you to select a bow up/bow down articulation or no articulation.

Figure 1. Bow up and down
Display Length

Allows you to adjust the displayed length of notes without affecting playback. To display notes according to their actual value, set this to Auto by scrolling the value down to zero.


The display quantize settings still apply.

Accidental Distance

Allows you to specify how far from the note accidentals are shown horizontally. The higher the number the greater the distance.

Hide Ledger Lines

Removes ledger lines for notes with high or low pitches.

Figure 2. With and without ledger lines
Hide Stem

Hides the note stem.

Hide Tie

Hides the tie.

Hide Dot

Hides the dot of a dotted note.

Hide Flag/Beam

Hides the flags or beams of the selected notes.

Bracket Head

Displays notes with brackets.

Figure 3. Bracket Head on and off
X Stem (Spoken)

Displays a note with an x across its stem. This is used to indicate spoken words.

Hide Note

Hides the selected notes.


Determines the stem direction.


Determines the direction of ties. When this is set to Auto, the tie direction is set automatically depending on the stem direction of the tied notes.


Allows you to set the note type.

  • Normal

    This is how notes are usually displayed.

  • Grace

    Displays notes as grace notes.

  • Cue

    Displays notes as cue notes, that is, smaller. This is often used for guide notes.

  • Graphic

    Displays special notes, for example, for guitar notation (pull-offs) and trills (as help notes, indicating which notes to trill between). Consider activating Hide Stem.

    Graphic notes are not included in the automated cutting. They are positioned after the notes they belong to.


If Grace is activated, this crosses the stem with a slanted line to indicate that the note is a grace note.

Grace note options

If Grace is activated, this allows you to select a note value for the grace note.


Resets all settings to their default values.


Applies the settings.