Grouping Notes under Beams Using Composite Time Signatures

You can create composite time signatures that are used only to group notes under beams.


  1. Double-click the time signature symbol for the staff to open the Edit Time Signature dialog.
  2. Set up the numerator with the grouping you want.

    If you want eighth notes in two groups of three and one group of two, for example, enter 3+3+2.

  3. Set the denominator if necessary.
  4. Activate For Grouping Only.
  5. Click OK.


The notes are grouped accordingly under beams.


For Grouping Only affects the way the numerator is divided. Any changes you make to the sum of the numerator number or the denominator result in a change of the actual time signature in the project. If you need a grouping which cannot be entered in the current time signature, you must group notes manually.