Setting up the Text Font

You can set up the text font for selected text or for all text.


  1. Optional: Select the text for which you want to make settings.

    If nothing is selected, the settings you make are the default settings. The next time you insert text, these settings are used.

  2. Select Scores > Settings.
  3. Open the Text tab.
  4. Open the Font pop-up menu, and select a font.

    How many and which fonts appear depends on what typefaces you have installed on your computer.


    For regular text, you should avoid the Steinberg fonts. These are the fonts Cubase uses for all scoring symbols, etc.

  5. Open the Size pop-up menu, and select a size for the text.
  6. Optional: Activate any options in the Font Options section.
  7. Click Apply to apply the settings to the selected text.

    Note that you can select other text blocks while the dialog remains open. The dialog is updated to reflect the settings of the selected text.

  8. Close the Score Settings dialog.