Context Menu Options

The context menu for text contains several options.

  • To open the context menu, right-click the text in the score.

Settings (Block Text only)

Opens the RTF Settings dialog. You can also open this by double-clicking the block text.

Import Text (Block Text only)

Imports text from a TXT file or RTF file. The imported text replaces any text inserted at the position of the block text.

Update Text (Block Text only)

Reloads the text from the file.

Move to Verse (Lyrics only)

Moves the lyrics to the selected verse.

Text from Clipboard

Pastes the text from the clipboard into the block text.

Text to Clipboard

Copies the block text to the clipboard.


Hides/Shows the selected element. To make the text visible again, activate the Hide checkbox in the filter bar and select Hide/Show on the context menu.

Set Font (not available for Block Text)

Opens the Score Settings dialog (Text tab).